Hey Y’all! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post, made a video or much of anything on social media. I know some of you have been wondering what happened to us. Well we are still Living Life in Tow. The last year has been a little crazy for us, with a lot of PLOT TWIST. I haven’t had the motivation to blog or anything else (that’s a story for another day). We are getting back to seeking out those adventures and making the best of the life God has given us. So here we are, on the road again.

Let me tell you about a Plot Twist!. We headed out yesterday morning for our long awaited trip to Colorado. We rushed around all week getting the motorhome ready. We got to Montgomery, the generator quits and the motorhome gets Hot. It would run about 30 minutes at a time and then quit again. We still had the dash air but it wasn’t enough to keep cool. Do we just turn around and go back home? Thank God we travel with our Favorite RV man! Lol. He seems to get us out a lot jams! He makes some calls, has his people ( Cobb and Son RV Repair) ship us the part we need to Silverton,Colorado.

So we decided to keep going. We closed the curtains behind the captains chairs to keep the front cool. It worked good until we stopped and had to turn the motor off. By the time we hit Arkansas, it was HOT and we were thinking we should have turned around and went back home while we were in Montgomery. With so much going on that morning, I forgot got to take my medicine. By the afternoon, I was sick. ( migraine and nausea). We were just about ready to turn around and head back home but we wanted to go so bad. We stopped at Tractor Supply and bought a portable generator, bolted it to the trailer, plugged it in and we had cool air coming out of the ceiling once again. I took some medicine , did some praying and we were back on the road. That my friends, was a plot twist in the paragraph of our crazy story!

Ok y’all that have been telling us we don’t need to be traveling with all mess that’s going on right now. We are being safe and social distancing.

Until the next post,


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