Wind Rock

Hey y’all.  It has been forever since I have written a post.   Time just gets away from me.  I say to myself, “I am going to write a blog post tomorrow”, then tomorrow comes and I say, “I will do it tomorrow”.  I really have to stop doing that!

I have a lot to say but don’t know where to start.  How about I start here…

Memorial Day weekend, we went to Wind Rock Park in Oliver Springs, TN.  It is an ATV park.  We purchased a side by side before we went.  Darren loves to ride.  I do too, but not as much as he does.   He would ride from daylight till dark.

It was a large group of people that went.  We had so much fun, riding, eating, and hanging out with friends.

I have some video footage of our riding. I hope to get it posted on our YouTube channel soon.

The view was beautiful. We will most likely go back there again before the year is over.

I still have some more summer adventures to tell y’all about, so y’all stay tuned.  I will try to post them in as soon as I can.

Live life and love on your family,


PS:  We signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program.  We will be showing y’all products that we use and if you buy them through our link we will earn a few pennies.

Here is what we like to in our coffee.




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